Civerinos: Original Italian Street Food- Past, Present and Future
Nonno Marino Massari never knew that he was creating a legacy when he left the turmoil of World War II for Scotland. He certainly never planned to predict the current street-food boom when he set up his humble food cart in Nairn, Inverness and Glasgow. He never dreamt that his cart, and his food would evolve into shops and restaurants, all built on his passion and skill.

What he did know was great food from the heart; timeless, classic recipes using exceptional fresh ingredients that would last forever. 

Marino Massari’s legacy is at the very heart of Civerinos. His lust for life, and his incredible food are in Civerinos' DNA. Nonno Marino inspired his grandson to take on the mantle of his heritage and create a unique legacy for his own family.

Opened in early 2015 on Edinburgh’s Hunter Square, Civerinos is the first manifestation of an evolving family food legacy, just as Marino’s was. Appropriately, the vision of Civerinos is as unique and groundbreaking as his was. 

This is Italian food stripped of pretense and cliche, and replaced with a clash of art, culture and music as the perfect backdrop for contemporary, yet timeless eating. That means the slowest fast food you’ll ever come across: recipes passed down by generations, and the labour-intensive attention to every ingredient.

Civerinos is humble yet brash; where high art and low culture meet. Civerinos is graff Venus de Milo, Michelangelo’s David with Wayfarers; The Beach Boys with our slow-cooked mushroom sugo sauce and The Beastie Boys with your perfect slice. A place to savour La Dolce Vita and celebrate friends and family.

Forget what you know about Italian food- Civerinos is original, modern Italian street-food taken back to its source.